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          Power Generation Systems

          Power Plant Automation, SCADA, and Control Systems

          Maximize Reliability and Reduce Total Costs

          As a power provider, your goal is to reliably and cost effectively produce electricity.

          You need to improve operational efficiencies despite aging assets. You have to address increasing environmental regulations. Yet you have to meet these demands with a shrinking pool of resources and experienced workers.

          We have the technology and solutions to mitigate the potential risks that are associated with these challenges. We can help you adapt to the changing landscape of electricity generation through a broad portfolio that:

          • Enhances efficiency
          • Optimizes plant operations
          • Reduces emissions
          • Avoids unplanned downtime
          • Provides the lowest total cost of ownership

          We offer integrated process control, motor control, safety, and information solutions in one open, scalable architecture. This provides complete plant-wide control for conventional or renewable energy generation.

          Solutions for Power Plant Automation

          DCS for Power Generation Control

          Integrated Process Control, Motor Controls, Safety, and Visualization

          Our PlantPAx? distributed control system provides seamless integration between critical process areas and the balance of your plant. It also integrates process, discrete, motor control, information, and safety. One control platform saves on spares and training costs.

          Learn More About PlantPAx DCS

          What Our Customers Are Saying

          This PlantPAx DCS project has set the standard for all future projects at our plant and is a model for Veresen plant design.

          Brett Weber, operations and maintenance manager, Ripon Cogen

          How Have We Helped Businesses Like Yours?

          Along with our many partners, we have helped power generating plants for decades. Our power plant automation, SCADA, and control systems help with reliability and keep costs under control.

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          How May We Help You?

          Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.